Lusher Charter is in partnership with Tulane University.

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    Next Friday, December 10th, the Middle School Theatre and Orchestra will present an outdoor production of Charlotte's Web at 5:30 in the Freret Quad. You can buy tickets online...

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    Click here to view our Annual Publication for a full overview of Lusher’s program.

    Lusher Charter School is a Kindergarten through 12th grade New Orleans Public Charter School located in uptown New Orleans and operated by the non-profit Advocates for Arts-Based Education Corporation.

    For the past several decades, Lusher Charter School has been in the vanguard of innovative and successful educational institutions in Louisiana. Using a collaborative site-based leadership structure, Lusher faculty has implemented cutting-edge reforms in arts-based education, monitored and integrated the latest developments in neurological and brain research, designed positive discipline programs to build a strong school culture, and implemented a research based systematic approach to literacy and numeracy instruction.

    Its strong programs in academics, arts, and athletics give students the opportunity to explore and develop their talents while preparing for a college education.

    Lusher Strategic Plan

    Lusher’s success is due to the school’s commitment to dream, evolve and improve. In 2019, members of the Lusher community worked in partnership with Bloom Planning to create a strategic plan that includes three-year initiatives that were driven by a ten-year vision. The roadmap to the school’s future plans are defined through the Lusher Pathways to Success below. You can learn more about Lusher’s plan by reading our Executive Summary here and the Strategic Plan here.