皇冠体育使用一个名为Rave Alert的系统向学生发送短信和电子邮件, 员工, and others during campus emergencies.

Students, Staff, and 教师

所有皇冠体育学生和员工都自动注册,但可以选择不接收紧急警报. Students and 员工 should visit 工作日 to verify or update existing contact information.


学生家长, 校园的邻居, 以及希望加入紧急警报系统的社区成员, 可以在 http://getrave.com/login/皇冠体育community. A valid 电子邮件 address and mobile phone number are required.


在紧急情况下, alerts may also be broadcast to university computers, 数字信号, indoor and outdoor public address speakers, 警报灯塔, 以及皇冠体育的社交媒体网站. 在推特上关注皇冠体育: @plnu.


紧急行动计划 and Evacuation Maps

Members of the 皇冠体育 community may view the University’s 紧急行动计划 网上(需登入).



皇冠体育每年举行两次全校范围的应急演习:秋季学期的校园封锁演习和春季学期的建筑疏散演习. 有关应急演习的信息将在每次演习前通过电子邮件与校园社区共享.




In the event of an on-campus medical emergency, call 911. If 911 has already been contacted, 拨打公共安全电话(619)849-2525,并提醒他们,以便他们协调并协助紧急车辆的到来.


  • The nature of the emergency
  • The exact location of the victim(s)
  • 如果受害者失去意识,呼吸或心脏骤停,或无法控制地流血
  • Your name and phone number in case you are disconnected

如果火灾警报或烟雾探测器被激活,请致电公共安全部门. 然后将对现场进行评估,并根据需要通知紧急服务部门.

If you discover fire or smoke:

  • Evacuate as quickly as possible.
  • Pull the nearest fire alarm to alert others.
  • Call 911 and then 公共安全 at (619) 849-2525.
  • 如果有合适的灭火器并且你知道如何使用,尝试灭火.



  • Familiarize yourself with emergency plans and procedures. 花时间确定疏散路线,以及要避免的潜在危险.
  • 确保任何种类的物品不要存放在过道或建筑物的出口路径上.
  • Do not store heavy objects on high shelves.


  • Stay calm and reassure others.
  • 蹲下,掩护,坚持住.
  • If indoors, get under a desk or table and hold on. Stay away from windows, tall objects and overhead lights. 如果没有掩护,躲在内墙或内门附近. Shield your head and face from falling debris. 不要外出!
  • 如果在室外,请远离建筑物、树木、电线、电线杆和所有头顶上的障碍物. 不要试图进去!
  • 开车时,把车停在路边,在空旷的安全地方停车. Avoid overpasses and power lines and stay inside vehicle. 如果你继续开车, watch for hazards such as damaged roadways, 堕落的对象, 还有倒下的电线.
  • 如果你被困在碎片中:尽可能少移动,以免扬起灰尘. Cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or clothing.Tap on a pipe or wall so that rescuers can hear where you are. 只有在万不得已的时候才喊.


  • 为余震做好准备.
  • 小心移动,并穿着封闭的、坚固的鞋子,以避免被碎玻璃或其他碎片伤害.
  • 检查受伤情况. Administer first aid if necessary. 除非绝对必要,否则不要移动严重受伤的人.
  • Check for fires, and if safe to do so, extinguish small fires. 不要打开电灯开关或电器,不要点燃火柴. If you smell gas, report it to your building coordinator.
  • 检查设施损坏情况. 将所有问题报告给建筑协调员或大学应急响应人员.
  • Evacuate the building if it is badly damaged, if there are gas leaks or fires, 或者被指示这么做. 在疏散过程中,关闭所有门,关闭所有电气设备. Bring your personal emergency kit with you and use the stairway. 不用电梯吗. Assist all individuals with disabilities.
  • 离开建筑物到没有头顶危险的开放区域. 在被权威人士确认安全之前不要返回大楼.
  • 保持街道和人行道畅通,供应急设备和人员使用. Use extreme caution in rescue attempts if others are trapped. 如果可能的话,等待训练有素的大学人员来指导救援工作.
  • Make note of any individuals who are missing. Provide all requested information to your building coordinator, 公共安全, and other emergency response personnel.


活跃枪手或暴力闯入者是指在短时间内积极试图伤害或杀死尽可能多的受害者的人. 在这种情况下,很少或根本没有时间进行规划,通常需要执法部门立即采取行动. 在每种情况下,快速评估你的选择并做出反应是至关重要的. 虽然不是所有的都包括在内,但以下是需要考虑的步骤. 现在考虑你的反应会大大增加你生存的可能性.

运行. Put as much distance as possible between you and the shooter:

  • Have an escape route in mind.
  • Evacuate whether or not others agree to follow.
  • Leave personal belongings behind.
  • Keep your hands visible and empty.
  • Follow instructions of law enforcement.
  • Monitor your cell phone for emergency text messages.

隐藏. 如果你在教室或办公室里,你觉得跑步不安全, 那就呆在那里, 锁上门. 如果门锁不上,用较重的家具堵住门. Then evaluate the following:

  • Silence any sources of noise (cell phones, radios, televisions).
  • Consider alternate exits such as windows.
  • Hide behind large solid objects.

战斗. 作为最后的手段, and only if your life is in imminent danger, attempt to disrupt or incapacitate the intruder(s) by:

  • Acting as aggressively as possible against him/her.
  • 投掷物品和临时武器(课本,椅子,桌子,笔记本电脑,灯).
  • Yell, scream, make loud noises.
  • Do not give up and do not be a victim.


In the event of a power failure:

  • 拨打公共安全电话(619)849-2525,通知他们停电.
  • 避免使用电梯.
  • If you are instructed to evacuate, 赶快在大楼指定的疏散区域集合.


If a suspicious package is found:

  • Do NOT attempt to touch or move the item.
  • Call 公共安全 at (619) 849-2525. 准备好提供物品的确切位置和描述.
  • Immediately leave the area and advise others to do the same.


Bomb threats received through telephone, 电子邮件, 应立即向公共安全部门报告,电话:(619)849-2525.